CMP Initiatives





 Infrastructure facilities in the for the implementation of CMP:

Our school   has got excellent infrastructure facilities.

Well ventilated big class rooms.

Separate audio visua lroom with LCD, T.V 29” VCD player, OHP

Two computers, aprinter with Broad Band facility and Duplo machine (Ricoh Xerox).

Resourceroom with all TLM.

Play ground with varieties of play equipment.

Well maintained school garden.

Good assembly ground.

Safe water and clean toilets (separate for boys and girls).

          Resource Room is full of allresourceful things that our teachers need for conducting various activities intheir classes. It is equipped with L.C.D projector, Computer, Overheadprojector, 29” Television set, hundreds of Educational C.D.s,Filmsfrom ‘Children’s Film Society ‘ C.D.s of series of ‘National Geographic’ aswell as Power-Point Presentations prepared by Primary teacher along withcharts, maps, masks, models, globe etc. A proper time table has been preparedto enable every teacher to take her class in the Resource Room and record ofthe same is maintained.



          Socialization teaches habits, ideas,attitudes and values. Understanding the role of school in cultivating healthyfood habits and avoiding wastage of food, a monthly ‘Community Lunch ’ of every Class is organized by the respectiveclass teachers. The Programme helps in inculcatingthe values of good eating habits in the class inclusive of Students withdiverse socio-cultural background and sharing with them.

          Teachers were given different portfoliosand responsibilities for taking care of different club activities and enter therecords of their grades in Co-scholastic areas.

          Involvement of parents, teachers andHMs was there in conducting PTA Meetings, organizing Grandparents day, sportsand games, excursions. Time to time suggestions and appreciations were takenfrom all in making learning as joyful.

Cubs and Bulbuls:

          Activities are organized everyWednesday during MPT periods various activities are undertaken like singing andplaying games to develop team spirit in Cubs and Bulbuls. Nearly 72 Cubs and 24Bulbuls have been enrolled in the new Session.

Redesigning Time Table:

          Special Time table is made for theprovision of Education films by allotment of block periods for all classesevery fort night. Good number of edu.films and CDsrelated to film society of India are procured periodically and extensively usedby all teachers. New CD’s are purchased in the month of August. given in the timetable to enhance book reading habit. TAL Periods are allotted for every subjectteacher wise and class wise for the effective utilization of to the maximum extent and better teaching –learning process.

Activity Sheets:

          Activity sheets are prepared for allclasses and subjects. For classes IV & V, activity sheet are prepared byour teachers. However I, II, III are based on the resource book which are usedto enhance the various skills and concepts of different subjects.

          Separate files are maintained by allthe class teachers systematically.

Class room library:

          All the classes are provided withsufficient number of books for Class room Library to develop the skills ofreading. The number of new books is added to the old with colorful pictures.Story telling programmes are encouraged during thisperiod. Every child is encouraged to read library books. The availability oflibrary books in each class is in the ratio of 1:3.

Spoken English:

          To strengthen English as a medium ofcommunication amongst students, maximum usage of English as a language has beenmade mandatory. To encourage children, students are grouped together in eachclass with a group leader monitoring, correcting and guiding the group withtheir difficulties. Under the guidance of all the teachers the students areencouraged to talk only in English and reading cards are being used apart fromother storytelling, and educational C.Ds for enhancing spoken English. Anorientation programme is conducted in the schoolduring the Primary meeting by the teachers.

Hindi Pakhawada:

          Hindi Pakhawadacelebration is going on conducting in the primary section. In the month ofSeptember various activities like, recitation, storytelling, calligraphy,debate. Every day morning assembly was conducted in Hindi, one non Hindi teacherspoken in Hindi.

Computer aided learning:

          All teachers prepare PPTs and usedregularly in their teaching learning activities. Number ofinternet downloaded pictures are shown to students. (Records aremaintained)

Teaching LearningMaterial:

          Various teaching learning materialsare purchased and used by all teachers during regular class room activities.(Records are maintained)

Physical Education:

          Special focus is being given on Yogaand Breathing Exercises. During morning assembly 3 minutes are spend forconducting above exercise.



Grand Parents day:

          It will be celebrated in the month ofOctober. We are planning to conduct various programmesto honors and express our request to grandparents and inculcate values andrespect towards grandparents.


          We have conducted excursion 

Publication of NewsLetter:

          We have prepared the News letter fromApril to August 2017 and September to December. We have covered the activitiesdone only during the month from April to August and September to December 2017.It has covered all the activities done during the period.

Developing EffectiveMonitoring and Evolution system:

          At school level plan of action isprepared by HM for checking lesson notes, activity plan book and work sheetsfor Primary teacher. Teachers are planning their activity and conductingdifferent activity in class room and activity room.

Cluster Level Programme:

Group dance competition

Drawing&Painting competition.







Initiative (Establish a link with each of the entries underneath to give more insight into the initiative)

Class and Subject

Learning Objective initially envisaged

Learning Objective realized or not

Name of the teacher in-charge along with designation



1 TO 5 






 1 TO 5

Reading Habit 




Bal Divas 

 3 TO 5

 To excel CCA with healthy competitive spirit




Film Shows

 1 TO5

 Comprehend the movies keeping in view ELO




 CAL Lessons

Activity method of teaching

 1 TO 5

 To understand the concept very clearly




Community Lunch

1 TO 5 

 A remember  concept of sharing importance

Of food




 Activity Sheets

1 TO 5 

 To understand the concepts better